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Logo of the ItaFin Institute (06.19)

The Italo-Finnish Aeronautical Institute is a no-profit cultural organization part of the Civil Aviation Society of Italy and devoted to study historical relations between Italy and Finland in the respective aeronautical fields. The idea to create an international branch of the Civil Aviation Society of Italy, based in Helsinki, is the result of hard work and of a strong dream of spreading, to the future generations of Finland and Italy the historical and industrial relations that made those Aviations the strongest, advanced and most prestigious of the World during the last century and still nowadays.

The Italo-Finnish Aeronautical Institute is a registered organization recognized by the Italian Law, composed mainly by aviation professionals and all those passionate by aviation from the industrial, historical, military and commercial point of view. The Institute is formally associated to the Civil Aviation Society of Italy, a no-profit cultural organization born to enhance the Italian Aeronautical heritage. The Civil Aviation Society of Italy is a Cultural Institution founded in Lido di Camaiore, Italy the November 18th, 2017, that unifies all former and current employees of the Civil Aviation Industry, Airlines, Government, Air Force, students from Aeronautical Schools and, also, simple Aviation fans. We are committed on the historical and scientific research about the evolution of the Aeronautical Industry through cultural events as conferences, round-tables and literary works thanks to the support of the Italian Aeronautical Authorities.

The Civil Aviation Society of Italy, since his creation, was looking for spreading his network of activities through the Transatlantic World by opening an independent national branch. In 2018 the Civil Aviation Society of Italy organized a Scientific Mission “Chione” in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, marking the first step for our way through the North. Since the beginning the National Military and Civil authorities of Greenland and Denmark showed great interest to our Scientific Mission and offered their generous contribution in all our activities. In 2019, after the move of the Society’s President in Finland, the idea of founding our first independent Nordic Branch came into reality, with the creation of the Italo-Finnish Aeronautical Institute.

Missione Chione (Copertina 2.1)

The Italo-Finnish Aeronautical Institute aims to promote of historical and cultural relations between Italy and Finland from the aeronautical point-of-view, organizing cultural events as conferences, seminars and round-tables constantly creating opportunities and synergies between the two countries. One important mission of our Institute is to involve universities, schools and academies in order to spread between the Scandinavian and Italian young generations the passion for Aviation as well as for the glorious Heroes of the National Aviation of our countries. The Institute organizes those cultural events gathering together important local institutions and Aviation industries thanks to the voluntary and free-basis contribution of Finland and Italian Authorities.

Celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Italy in the Residence of Italy in Helsinki.

The last June, 3rd 2019 we received the honor to participate to the celebrations for the 73rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic Institution in Italy. The party was held in the Residence of the Italian Embassy in Helsinki. The Italian Ambassador, Gabriele Altana, honored our delegation with a special gift, a copy of his book “L’Italia Fascista e la Cina: un breve idillio” – Aracne Editrice. We really appreciated his gift and his invitation to join the Italian Community in Finland to celebrate the Italian National Day.

National Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 4–5 July 2019.

The Civil Aviation Society of Italy is delighted to spread its invitation to all the Aviation enthusiast to the National Aerobatic Championships which will be held at the historic Malmi Airport for the first time. The event has been organized by the Malmi Airfield Association and Aerobatic Club of Finland. The National Championships will take place as one sport during the National Championships week. Among others, the Finnish public service broadcasting company YLE will cover the event. Both powered aircraft and gliders will compete in their own categories.

The competition flights will take place from 09:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00. During the event, the airfield is open for landings and take-offs, but flying in circuit will be restricted. The organizer aims to minimize the inconvenience to Malmi’s normal aviation activities, and special attention will be paid to noise mitigation. Practice flights related to the event will also be flown on 3 July 2019 from 09:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00. The aerobatics will take place in a 1-cubic-kilometer box while a panel of judges evaluates the flights. The box is located north of Malmi’s runway 09/27, and the flights will take place between 1000 and 4000 feet of altitude. The viewing terrace of the terminal, restaurant Check-In and areas along the perimeter fence are the best places for watching the event. The organizer and the airfield association will give a press conference about the event at a time to be announced separately.

Taitolennon suomenmestaruuskilpailut Malmilla 4.–5.7.2019.

Malmin lentokenttäyhdistys ry ja Urheilutaitolentäjät ry ovat sopineet taitolennon SM-kilpailujen järjestämisestä ensimmäistä kertaa Malmin historiallisella lentokentällä. SM-kilpailut järjestetään yhtenä lajina samaan aikaan vietettävän SM-viikon puitteissa. Mm. Yleisradio lähettää kisoista ohjelmaa. Kilpailuissa kilpaillaan omissa luokissaan sekä moottori- että purjekoneilla.

Kilpailulennot lennetään klo 9–14 ja 18–20 välisenä aikana. Kilpailutoiminnan aikana kentälle on mahdollista laskeutua ja nousta, mutta laskukierrostoimintaa tullaan rajoittamaan. Kilpailunjärjestäjä pyrkii minimoimaan haitat Malmin normaalille lentotoiminnalle ja melunhallintaan kiinnitetään erityistä huomiota. Lisäksi kilpailuun liittyy harjoituslentoja, jotka lennetään 3.7.2019 klo 9–14 ja 18–20 välisenä aikana. Taitolento tapahtuu kuutiokilometrin kokoisessa boksissa tuomarien arvostellessa lennot. Boksi sijoitetaan Malmin kiitotien 09/27 pohjoispuolelle ja lennot tapahtuvat 1000–4000 jalan korkeudessa. Pyöreän terassi, ravintola Check-In sekä kentän aidan vieri ja ovat parhaat paikat seurata kisalentoja. Kilpailunjärjestäjä ja lentokenttäyhdistys järjestävät tiedotustilaisuuden asiasta erikseen ilmoitettavana ajankohtana.


Malmi Airfield Association: Niko Lamberg
niko.lamberg@efhf.fi, tel. +358 50 522 7535

Aerobatic Club Finland: Kari Kemppi
kari.kemppi@gmail.com, tel. +358 40 515 0326

Taitolennon SM-kilpailut Malmilla 4.–5.7.2019

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