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The Italian Civil Aviation Society is an independent nonprofit research institution, founded in Lido di Camaiore on 18th November 2017 by professionals of the aviation industry, diplomats, academics and researchers. Our commitment is to study and enhance the historical evolution of aviation industry, the Aviation Diplomacy potential in international relations and the future of international civil aviation. This can be achieved through our network of projects, where we invite and welcome experts and professionals of the aeronautical, industrial and institutional field from all over the world. The Society does not receive, and never did before, any form of contribution, subsidy, sponsorship or grant from any public institution, government body or private company. The Italian Civil Aviation Society HQ is located in the Volandia Park and Flight Museum, adjacent to Milan-Malpensa International Airport.

Volandia Park and Flight Museum, Milan Malpensa International Airport

The Society promotes its activities by organizing conferences, roundtables, publishing historical analyses and literary works on its official portal. Our main field of studies is the historical evolution of the aeronautical industry from its beginning to the present day, placing particular emphasis on the geopolitical and diplomatic use of air transportation as key element in foreign affairs policies. We also promote and preserve the cultural heritage of our national aviation industry and the heroism of our national aviation pioneers. The Society adheres to the Charter of Principles for Research in Social and Human Sciences published by the CNR Commission for Research Ethics and Bioethics. Each year, more than 8 000 participants take part in the numerous events promoted by our Society across the main cities of Italy, Europe and the world, where we invite and welcome prestigious Government authorities, diplomats, aviation industry leaders and professionals, academics and military staff.

“I am sincerely delighted by the admirable effort given by the Italian Civil Aviation Society, presided over by an exceptionally talented young man, in preserving the Italian Diplomatic and Aeronautic traditions. I consider it a sign of trust and commitment to the future of our great Country.”

emblema_repubblica_monocromaticoGiulio Terzi di Sant’Agata
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italian Republic

The Aviation Diplomacy Institute, research body of the Society, promotes the research on the past, current and future challenges of aviation industry diplomatic potential in a national and international context. The institute promotes the research on the relationship between foreign policies and aviation industry in strategic sectors, such as industrial, commercial and touristic, but also in more delicate sectors as emergency citizens repatriation and humanitarian missions during global crisis operations. Aviation represents the key factor in increasing the speed at which trade, travel but also intelligence and diplomacy occur. In recent years aviation has become a new form of conflict resolution tool as well as soft power aimed at pressuring national carriers and their governments in international disputes. This is undoubtedly the only institution in the world that promotes the research study on the relationship between civil aviation industry and Foreign policy decision-makers.

SocietĂ  Italiana Aviazione Civile
Members of the Board of Directors of the Italian Civil Aviation Society

The Giuseppe Teucci Historical Archive, composed by a rich documentary and cartographic heritage, represents an exclusive source for the study on diplomacy and air power during World War II. The archives, consisting of top classified reports of Italian Air Attaché in Berlin Giuseppe Teucci (1934-1943), have been and still are extremely significant for the aviation diplomacy in Central Europe. The Giuseppe Teucci Historical Archive hold around 2 000 documents of the diplomatic-military relations between the Regia Aeronautica, the Luftwaffe, the Suomen Ilmavoimat and the Lietuvos karinės oro pajėgos. The files of Captain Virginio Teucci1 contain information on the historic first crossing of the Andes performed by an air wing formation from Italy to South America (1937-1938). Following the enterprise, Italy had a leading role in raising the Fuerza Aérea of Paraguay, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay with selling deals of Fiat CR.32 and Caproni AP-1 and supervising the local pilots training.

1 READ “CAP. PIL. M.A.V.M. VIRGINIO TEUCCI” BIOGRAPHY BY AMbassador maurizio teucci.

Gen. S.A. “A” Giuseppe Teucci

GTGiuseppe Teucci born in Poppi on 6th December 1900. Pilot of the Savoia Marchetti S.55 “I-TEUC” on the Western Mediterranean (1928), Eastern Mediterranean (1929), the South Atlantic (1930) and North Atlantic (1933) cruises. In 1934 he was Air AttachĂ© at the Italian Embassy in Berlin, also accredited to Finland and Lithuania. In 1939 he was also accredited to Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and, in 1941, assumed the functions of Senior Liaison Officer between the Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe. In 1947, appointed General, he commanded the Scuola di Guerra Aerea and, in 1954, the 3rd Air Region. He died in Lido di Camaiore on 25th January 1963.

The Italian Civil Aviation Society carries out its numerous activities through publication of written historical and literary works – but also through conferences, seminars and round-tables – related to aviation diplomacy. In the recent years, the Italian Civil Aviation Society has carried out important activities in a national and international context e.g. by organising the Centenary of the first flight from Sesto Calende to Helsinki2 (1920-2020). This was performed under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Helsinki, the Italian Air Force and the City of Adria. On this occasion, the Italian Civil Aviation Society played a significant role in strengthening the relations between Italy and Finland, mentioned even on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website3, by supporting the Alppilentäjät film project as the Official Italian Sponsor. The film Alppilentäjät was presented in Finland in late autumn 2020.


Documentary “Alppilentäjät”

Alppilentäjät is a film about the sad fate of two Italian SIAI S.9 seaplanes, purchased by the Finnish Air Force, which departed from Sesto Calende heading for Helsinki, where they were never to arrive. The adventurous flight of Finnish pilots Mikkola, Leijer, Durchman and Italian engineer Carlo Riva is reconstructed in detail. The documentary, set in the breathtaking scenes of the Swiss Alps, it is supplemented by analyses from Italian, Swiss and Finnish aviation experts of the route taken and the extreme challenges encountered by the pilots. Through this film, the Italian Civil Aviation Society with Film Producer & Director Ilkka Liettyä would like to honor the memory of these heroic pilots and their sacrifice.

the full documentary is now available to be enjoyed in the yle-areena website. FOr morE informaTion PLEASE visit THE Alppilentäjät OFFICIAL movie WEBSITE.

Our Associates are Italian and International prestigious personalities from the aeronautical, military, institutional, diplomatic and academic sector. They are called to join the Society by the Board of Directors, following the President proposal, for their professional excellence or academic experience. Among the most prestigious names that composes our community are Salvatore Sciacchitano, President of the ICAO, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Minister of Foreign Affairs (PM Mario Monti), Genci Muçaj, International Affairs Advisor of the President of the Albanian Republic, Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, General Secretary of NATO, Ashit Kumar Gungah, Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Mauritius, Stefano Fort, Director of the Italian Defense Higher Studies Institute and many other prestigious names. All Associates converge in specific committees designated to create a platform for the exchange of ideas, based on their expertise, to further upraise the level of our events.

Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata
Investiture of Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi as our Honorary Member

The Italian Civil Aviation Society puts great emphasis on the importance of collaborating with national and international institutions, activating numerous partnerships in order to underline the desire for exchanging views and experiences. The Italian Civil Aviation Society has signed a collaboration agreement with the Permanent Representation of Italy to the ICAO in order to raise awareness in the Italian foreign policies carried out at the International Civil Aviation Organization. To create more synergies, partnerships in international cooperation have also been established with prestigious institutions, e.g. the Romanian Navy, Ecuadorian Air Force, Council of Albanian Ambassadors, Kyrgyzstan Aviation Institute. At the same time, profitable deals have been reached with major international associations in the diplomatic, aeronautic and historical field, in order to create a workshop of ideas where all those organizations can work towards a common goal in important issues.

“I am very pleased to give my personal contribution to facilitate a better understanding of the ongoing discussions on the global issues around air transport. I encourage the Italian Civil Aviation Society to keep up the excellent spirit and broaden its horizons also towards the future of civil aviation industry.”

200px-International_Civil_Aviation_Organization_logo.svgSalvatore Sciacchitano
President of the Council of ICAO

The Mario Calderara Award for Aeronautical Excellence aims to identify and reward any organization who have actively worked in projects for the enhancement of the Aeronautical Culture and also individuals who have distinguished themselves for the high results obtained in aeronautical studies, researches or doctoral thesis. With this prestigious award, the Society intends to recognize and reward those who work with passion, spreading and giving prestige to the Aeronautical Culture. There are no predefined guidelines for the choice of the winners, we invite everyone to send their recommendations, which will all be taken into consideration by our Board of Directors and decide who will be invited to receive this important recognition. We strongly believe that it’s important to reward those who, working well, are already under the spotlight but also, and mainly, new emerging personalities of great value.

Visit to the Volotea Boeing B717-200 at Marco Polo International Airport of Venice

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